Pumps, Pumps and more Pumps

O’Dea Solar + Electrical now sell a wide range of pumps.

Everything from household pressure and transfer pumps, to commercial and industrial submersible pumps. We sell a range of filters and pressure tanks to achieve clean and consistent pressure water for household use. We can also provide you with pond pumps if you are thinking of installing a water feature before summer. Also to be prepared for summer we can get you a petrol fire fighter pump, to protect the farm and family against bushfires.

For the man on the land we do solar submersible pumps and transfer pumps. No longer do you need to repair the windmill which keeps breaking down or drag that generator out of the shed to pump water. Do it all with the ease of sun power. Mono have a proven pump with great reliability. The pumps come complete in a plug and play type format and basically look after themselves with automatic cut off functions, through the use of water level sensors and pressure switches.

O’Dea Solar + Electrical stock all the latest mono pump technology and are experts at installation and servicing. 

Your next pump is an O’Dea Solar + Electrical pump.


Mono’s latest release of the SUN-BUDDY™ Solar System is an effective solution to move water, whether you’re farming on a small scale or enjoying a rural lifestyle. The SUN-BUDDY™ can pump water from rivers, lakes, tanks and dams for crop irrigation, stock watering, garden watering and general household use. It has been designed to combine outstanding performance, long life and minimal maintenance and has a variety of mounting options. The solar array has the option of being post or roof mounted, with a float option available for use on dams and lakes.

Driven by solar energy, this small but efficient pump needs no diesel, electricity, wind or battery power to run,  making SUN-BUDDY™ an environmentally-friendly solution.

Mono Pumps Sun-Buddy Range

Sun-Ray SRX

The Mono™ Sun-Ray SRX solar pump has been designed to transfer surface water with the same efficiency and reliability as other Mono solar pumps. Available, with either a stationary or GPS Tracking array, ranging from 200 Watts to 1600 Watts, the Sun-Ray can deliver very high daily flows with discharge pressures of 120m.

The highly efficient, helical rotor pump is inherently self-priming, so the pump can be positioned up to 4m above the water source, allowing the pump to be installed on the top of dam walls or on river-banks above the high water mark.

The Sun-Ray is suitable for pumping water from springs, rivers, tanks and dams. It is available with a floating pontoon that has been designed to safely enable the pump to float on a dam or other water source.

Mono Pumps Sun-Ray SRX Range


The Sun-Sub is a submersible pump and is the most popular Mono solar pump. Available, with either a stationary or GPS Tracking array, ranging from 200 Watts up to 2400 Watts, these systems can produce very high flows and discharge pressures up to 150m.

Mono™ Sun-Sub solar pumping systems have helped thousands of farmers and remote villages solve their water supply problems. They have replaced windmills or diesel powered pumps on remote bores providing economic, trouble free and reliable water.

The Mono Sun-Sub solar pump provides its own power eliminating the need for diesel fuel or AC power.

Mono Pumps Sun-Sub Range